Nov 30

Arranged marriages

ESTER CONRAT Javier Cerezuela, Pablo Pantoja, Nicolás Lobón, Alberto de la Salud y Lorenzo Gimeno, 4º B

  • What do you think about arranged marriages?
  • What’s the best age for marriage?
  • What wedding traditions are there in your country?
  • Are there any wedding traditions which you like or dislike?
  • What’s the secret of a happy relationship?


In my opinion, arranged marriages are not a good idea because I think that both boys and girls are forced and their opinion is not taken into account which is unfair.

On the one hand, you can´t choose your partner and this is very bad for women: they can´t choose their husband and it´s not fair for them. The children´s parents choose a fiancé but they would prefer to meet their own friends and fiancées.

However, it is their culture and we have to respect it. I have never been in an arranged marriage and I´m not going to do it.

If you like arranged marriages, do it, but if you don´t like them, don´t do it!

Personally, I don´t like arranged marriages. I like all kinds of marriage except when I can´t choose my bride!

There isn´t a best age or an ideal age for marriage: it is relative. People should get married when they are prepared but it’s difficult because they have pressure from their parents:  in Spain, people used to get married very young.

In my opinion, the best age to get married is when you are 30 because, at this age, people may have a job, a daily routine… they can be more ready for married-life.

In my country, the tradition of a wedding is very easy: When you meet a person and you fall in love with him/her,  first, you go out with him/her and then, you organize the marriage.

People usually get married in a church: the bride wears an expensive long white silk dress and the groom wears a black smoking and a white shirt. The bride´s father walks with her to the altar while the groom goes with his mum.

I don´t like the priest´s speech because it is very boring and it isn´t useful. In my opinion, he should be quiet: it would be best because they are not experienced, after all, he is not married!

Although the wedding traditions are very varied, marriage usually happens in a church and after the ceremony, all the guests, the family and friends of the couple, go to a restaurant and they have lunch or dinner together, and finally, dance with an orchestra.

I think that the secret of a happy relationship is to choose a partner who has things in common with you, the understanding and the love because if they love each other, they will be very happy.