Ene 21

My Life

Composición colectiva. Alumn@s de 2º ESO.

HI! My name is Irene, I’m thirteen years old (I´m tall for my age.)  I am always happy but I am sometimes angry because I like to be right.

I have got brown eyes and long brown wavy hair, small nose and small mouth. I am tall and my body is fit for sport. My personality is very strong, for this reason, my friends think I am stubborn. I love dancing and playing piano. I like listening to music and meeting friends. I love reading books, too. My favourite subject is Physical Education and History, as well. I like salad and meat and… I love fruit!  But I hate tomatoes. I also like sunny days and the snow.

I have some fish, one turtle and a black, brown and white dog. My dog´s everyday life is like this: he gets up at 8:30 and later, he goes out to walk at 12:00 with my dad. He eats at 15:00 after my dad and mum and he finally has dinner at 21:00. Then he goes to walk with my dad again.    

My best friend gets up and goes to school. Then, after finishing school, she returns home and has lunch. After having lunch, she goes to her bedroom and she studies. Now she is grounded: she doesn’t go out to the street and she doesn’t meet her friends. She studies a little… because she loves Maths, it is her favourite subject.

Tomorrow, I am going to Zaragoza and there, I’m buying a lot of presents for my family: a cap, a dress and an MP-3 player. On Friday, I am going to the cinema with Mia. On Saturday, Kate and I are making the decorations for a Christmas tree. The next week, my grandparents are coming to visit us.

Last summer, in July, I went camping with my friend Sandra. We stayed in Valencia for two weeks. First, we fixed our tent and chopped some wood for a fire. Then, we did activities such as canoeing, we made films, we sang… I also flew in an airplane, I drove a kart and I swam in the swimming pool. The sun shone every day: it was a fantastic experience. We often went to the beach which was close to the camp. We had to talk in English all the time.

It was a fantastic summer! And how was your summer?